Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors

Riding high on the success of Come Together (2020), their acclaimed debut release, Sir Rod & The Blues Doctors are a passion project from the start—a soulful, funky, Deep South trio bound by a family connection to the late Sterling “Mr. Satan” Magee (1936-2020), the greatest one-man blues band who ever lived.

Have you heard of Satan & Adam (2018), the Netflix documentary? It tracks the unlikely, decades-long partnership between Magee, a Mississippi-born busker and street-prophet, and Adam Gussow, a younger white harmonica ace. Joining forces on the streets of Harlem in the 1980s, riding out the racial turmoil of that era, Magee and Gussow ended up becoming a national touring act and Living Blues cover story. The duo dissolved after Magee’s 1998 breakdown, then reunited in a late-life comeback story that had viewers in tears.

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