The King Bees

Three decades ago THE KING BEES-Hound Dog Baskerville and Queen Bee Zamagni- quit learning only from records and went to the deep-South to apprentice to the real-deal Blues folk who created this wonderful American music. Many blues greats took them under their wing and nurtured and guided The King Bees toward “the sound”. By the late ’80’s they were touring and recording with their heroes. Over the years Bo Diddley, Nappy Brown, Carey Bell and many other blues lions gave them the call to tour and record. The King Bees were featured on the B.B.King Birthday Tour, have performed at Lincoln Center multiple times, and have played countless festivals in the capitals of Europe. “Queen Bee Zamagni belts it out with the best, backed by a superb band highlighted by the burning riffs of Hound Dog Baskerville.” The Charlotte Observer. “Legendary Blues stylists…” The Knoxville Journal. “Excellent…Queen Bee Zamagni has a strong, swinging, slinky voice used to good effect on every number. Fine straight blues all the way..Tasty!” Blues & Rhythm, England. Together with Donovan Murray, they produce New River Blues Festival, The North Carolina Mountains Blues Festival.