Hill Country Stomp

Hill stomp is collaboration of two local musicians, Zechariah Lloyd
Tillotson and Cameron Kimbrough that have been in the local scene for many
years playing with all sorts of regional celebs like:

 Zechariah was raised on soul food and Jesus in
the South Delta regions of Vicksburg Mississippi. Raised by a church
pianist and a rock n’ roll drummer, music has always been in his blood. He
started as a drummer at a young age, learning to play with old records from
my uncle’s collection. After highschool, Then ventured cross country to
Alaska on a self expiratory journey before landing back in Mississippi.
He’s an advocate for social justice and peace through music. When he’s not
playing music, he is working towards a sustainable farming operation and
homestead for him and his 8 year old son.


Both being drummers first and multi instrumentalists, they swap up between
guitar and drums and their set consists of funky, groove driven, blues
based on their life experiences