Doc Prana Trio


Compliments the Local Voice

Music Style/Genre: Jazz Rock Fusion

Hometown: Batesville, Mississippi

Early music experience: Motown is where I learned from the baddest bass players in the world. All the musicians I knew were playing with such artists as Stevie Wonder, The Dramatics, Parliament Funkadelic, The Four Tops, Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Supremes, The Temptations…wow! I was like a kid in a toy shop. The wonderful thing about these musicians was that they had no ego, as good as they were. Teaching me how to read music, how to be a studio bass player, learning to play upright bass. Behold, I fear not in the valley of great bass players! I found out that I could hear whole musical compositions in my head—original concepts of my own. The musicians I knew could play quite well, but couldn’t write a great song. My song writing led me to a recording contract with MCA Records. Click here to read entire article.